#1 Selling Brands In The U.S.
— Wet Platinum is the best selling luxury lubricant in American bedrooms-- the longest lasting silicone based, condom safe, & paraben free way to enjoy your passion! AND our Wet Flavored Sexy Strawberry is the #1 selling flavored lube, making that special time even more delicious! 
From the people
From the people
"Finally a lube that gets the job done! A lube that does everything I want...and more."
— Marty Segal
From the people
"Perfect lube, slippery and long lasting."
— Joseph P.
From the people
"Silky and long lasting. It takes about 3 drops and really that's all you need. THE best lube. Period."
— Shima
From the people
"This is the only brand I use. Best I've ever had. This stuff lasts a LONG time."
— Nathaniel Baker
From the people
"Best longest lasting lube I have found in 20 years"
— Mireille
From the people
"Still my favorite for any years."
— Zana Beima
From the people
"Best lube you'll ever use, I will be buying this lube for the rest of my life!"
— Jasmine
From the people
"I love this brand. It’s definitely a game changer."
— Nadia

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